This publication filled a unique niche in Canada’s Home Decor publication landscape, highlighting country homes and style. It was important to provide photography, branding and layouts that spoke to the beautiful interiors, products and food featured within. Equally important was the need to provide a visual framework that expressed country style’s unique characteristics, namely character, warmth, and familiarity.
I assisted in creating redesigned style guides for the magazine. Was responsible for researching and screening contributing talent including photographers (portrait, interiors, products, food), stylists, and illustrators. Maintained a large photography archive. Worked with editor and publisher on newsstand covers as well as alongside a talented editorial staff on monthly issue execution. In addition to the magazine, I designed for brand extensions including a book, subscriber value-add publications, and a namesake tradeshow every fall.
Our final design ushered in a new audience of readers to this particular style of decorating. We made design approachable, comfortable, and familiar. Our designs led to the magazine's purchase by a new publisher and increased cover sales.

Contributors included Publishing, Editorial and Design teams at Canadian Home & Country, and numerous photographers. (Included in the below selection: Jainis Nicolay, Simon Bevan, Yvonne Duivenvoorden, Donna Griffith, and Mark Burstyn.)
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