Fashion Magazine wanted to start a brand new publication; one that would one that would serve a new demographic of teens, and would also usher future readers to their publication. It was a teen-first fashion and style publication and the first of its kind in Canada. I was entrusted with assisting on the new design of the magazine, as well as continued stewardship and elevation of those standards, later as Art Director of the publication.
Working with multiple levels of the publication, we designed all original style guides, creating a youthful, positive vibe. Through the use of colour and an icon system, we created a visual system that was both fun and informative, without talking down to our readers. I took direction from the publisher, editorial director and editor to build the magazine’s visual branding, and to create engaging covers for the newsstand. I had a wonderful staff of designers, and we hired contributors from an immensely talented pool of photographers and illustrators.

We delivered a bright, positive publication which served a complex demographic of younger readers. Fashion18 was successful for many years, not only serving its reader base, but graduating new readers to Fashion magazine.

Contributors included Barkinhot + Swagger Design Studio, Publishing, Editorial and Design teams at Fashion18 Magazine, and numerous photographers and illustrators. (Included in the below selection: Gabor Jurina, Kevin Hatt, Arline Malakian.)
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