How does one approach the branding of an everyday consumer purchase, such as trash bags? In a market saturated by both big-name and store brand waste bags, Inteplast wanted to position themselves to be attractive, while at the same time, providing great value. We were there to support Inteplast on several initiatives, including private label offerings for Walmart and Home Hardware, as well as proprietary offerings such as Mint-X bags, and their own line of Quikki garbage bags.

Strategized and brainstormed approaches for proprietary offerings. Researched competitive brands and categories. Worked with the photographer to develop effective results on a product that can be challenging to shoot. Executed several design concepts. Worked carefully with the printer to ensure proper execution.
Home Our design solutions for Quikki have provided updated, fresh packages that have been proven to be fierce competitors to national brands.

Contributors included Libera Graphics creative team and content contribution by the Inteplast team.
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